Our Values

Pacific Metal and Construction Foreign Trade. Ltd. Sti, with the power of professional, experienced management and field team; Innovation, Self-Disciplinary, Customer Orientation, Social Responsibility, Continuous Improvement, Reliability Foundations are rising on the basis of the rising work understanding of the new goals every day. These basis principles have led to a brand new understanding open to innovation. Every Project which signed pacific is created with the mission of providing quality-profitability and trust to its customers. it is a permanent value with its contributions. Pacific is taking firm steps towards stable growth, institutionalization and being a leader in the sector with its knowledge and experience.


Power invests to Turkey's Future

The strong customer relations that are formed in accordance with the Pacific long-term value creation target are also reflected in its determined attitude towards social responsibility. Pacific aims to support to sign long-term projects nature, education, science and social life as well as projects to generate lasting value for Turkey.


Innovative Approach

Innovation is a concept associated with corporate thinking and mobility of Pacific. Our working philosophy can be summarized by the principle of always using creative thinking to achieve high quality globally. While this innovative idea stands out as the key to our success, it marks all activities within the company and creates a positive synergy by strengthening the harmonious interaction between the units. The creative thinking and approaches that bring the soul to all of our operations, adding brand value to all the works is the natural result of this positive synergy. In addition to the operations it manages on behalf of its customers, it also assists all the work and understanding that it appeals to the audience.


Customer relationship

Pacific Metal and Construction Foreign Trade. Ltd. Sti Precious Metal solutions with the same excitement for each customer and establishes relationships based on customer satisfaction, based on solid foundations and based on the wishes, goals, targets and values of the customer at the point of presentation of this service.